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Universal Design –

Universal design features for your home

Minneapolis/ St. Paul Remodeling Contractor 10+ years remodeling homes in the Twin Cities

What is Universal Design?   Universal design is a developing approach to creating livable, marketable environments for everyone as common practice in design. It is inclusionary design that applies to spaces, features, and products to maximize the number of people who can function independently in a particular environment. Universal design considers human needs and abilities ... Read More
What is Universal Design?

Universal design features for your home. Minneapolis/ St. Paul Remodleing Contractor

Remodeling homes with universal design in Minneapolis / St. Paul for over 10 years

Universal design – what is it and why is it important to me? The core concept is to make a home designed to be useful and marketable to any group of users. It should be flexible in its use to a wide range of individual preferences and abilities. These design features should be simple and ... Read More