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Versetta stone

Versetta Stone is a great product that is easy to install which saves time and saves our customers money. Consider this product for your next stone project. 

Versetta Stone brings new life to traditional stone walls by simplifying the installation process. Its mortarless, panelized design can easily be installed by a siding contractor or carpenter with screws or nails. This opens up an entirely new world of design possibilities for exterior and interior applications, allowing the natural look of stone in unexpected places.

Versetta Stone® is a stone veneer siding panel that is mortarless and cement-based. Its panelized design is installed with mechanical fasteners, allowing carpenters and contractors to recreate the beauty and craftsmanship of authentic stone masonry using nails or screws.


Versetta stone fire place

Versetta stone fire plac

For over 50 years, Boral® has worked to build a reputation for quality, authenticity and by consistently improving and perfecting the production process for manufactured stone veneer, becoming the most recognized brand in the industry. With a combination of lightweight concrete, basic aggregate, water, and mineral oxide pigments, the master craftsmen can not only mimic the look of natural stone, but also improve upon it with more consistent color, quality and weight. From this knowledge, expertise and dedication to innovation comes Versetta Stone® – a new, mortarless stone veneer with a modern installation method.


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