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Why we use custom cabinets

Designing & Remodeling Kitchens in the Twin Cities for over 10 years!

Edina kitchen

Cabinets are at the heart of every kitchen  and a big part of bathroom projects. We use a local Minneapolis, MN custom cabinet shop. We do not buy cabinets from the big box stores or import them from the Midwest, Southeast, Mexico, or China.

Most “box” cabinets are made in 3” incremental widths starting at 12” wide, then 15”, up to 36”. they tend to end up with a filler, a blank piece of wood, to fill in the empty spaces. What a waste! Our kitchens Remodels use every inch possible. The box cabinets must be screwed together, creating unsightly and often uneven seams. Our custom cabinets are built as one long piece – spanning the entire wall.

Box cabinets have limited options. You can have a 4 drawer stack as long as it is a certain width. How about a 36” wide drawer stack? Probably not. What if you want something out of the ordinary, like drawers centered on your new cook top and a mixture of drawers and cupboards underneath?

Box cabinets come pre-finished with a limited selection of stain colors, our custom made cabinets can be stained in whatever stain you want.  Have you looked inside those box cabinets? Many have very thin sides and backs; not ours. Our cabinets are made with mostly ¾” thick materials and if you have specific specifications our cabinet shop will make them to your desired specs.   What if a pre-finished box cabinet is damaged in shipping or there is a mistake in ordering? How long would it take to send a new one? 2-6 weeks?
So custom cabinets must cost more? Not necessarily. It all depends on what you want and how poorly the box cabinets are made. Most of the time they end up being the same price or less, once you add all the pieces up of the box cabinets.

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