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Remodeling & Renovating Basements in Minneapolis, MN

Making your basement feel like home!

Basement Finshing Remodel MinnesotaMinneapolis is a great city for basement remodeling projects. We love the great style and varying types of homes, while most contractors would shy away from this, we excel at all ages and different home styles. Whether it is that pre-1900’s limestone foundation to the modern sips panels, we can help you from design, selections, and making your basement just what you or your family wanted.

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Elk River Basement Remodeling Company

We start by meeting you at your home to get a feel for what you want and what the space currently has. We will go over rough budget numbers and/or what past projects have costs have been for similar projects. At this time, we will decide if we are in the same ballpark or if we need to readjust the project scope. This is part of our free consultation.

If it is a simple basement, we can then go back and work up a free estimate of the project costs. Some project require a bit more then this to get an accurate bid number. Some of these require a plan deposit or fee for bringing in our expert team to solve a few issues that we have to figure out in person or with more detailed planning. One of the biggest problems is most contractors don’t use their experts to help solve problems before contracting with their client(s). This is why so many contractors end up charging more and have so many change orders, they don’t do the work up front to solve as many potential problems up front. I know I always would like to know if it will cost $10,000 more before I start then when it is too late to make a different decision.Basement Remodeling Minnesota Contractor

We take pride in making sure our clients get straight forward advice & knowledge of their home remodeling project, giving you the confidence that for a worry free remodeling project.

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