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Porch Contractor for Minneapolis/St. Paul Residents

Remodeling, building, and designing porches in Minneapolis/St. Paul and the surrounding areas for over 10 years!

3 And 4 Season Porch Contractors

Porch Contractor ExampleWe specialize in porch remodeling, porch building, and porch designing at Attics to Basements. As porch contractors in Minnesota, we also remodel, design, and build three and four-season porches for enjoyment year-round.

The lovely outdoor feeling that Minnesota has to offer can be brought inside with the help of our porch contractors. Whether you are looking for additional living space, an office with a great view, or space to relax with a new hot tub, our porch contractors can add a well-designed and affordable porch to your home.

3 and 4 Season Porches and Remodeling

Creating beautiful and functional spaces

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Great Design

We meet with you, get a sense of your style, the homes current style and the features that are required and the features that are optional.

See your project, and approve the design before construction starts.

3d Home Remodel Design SoftwareWe use Chief Architect design software to generate high quality 3d views of your remodel. This gives you that ability to see and approve the design and options. Whereas without this design option you are putting a lot of trust that you and your contractor have the same mental vision of your project.

Interior designer.

Not sure what materials, textures or colors to choose? Need more ideas without spending hours scouring through pictures?

Let our interior designer guide you through selections with confidence.

Always Built with Current Standards and Techniques

Attics To Basements is a NARI Certified home remodeler.
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NARI membership means that the remodeler / supplier / contractor is a full-time professional who has passed an extensive screening process and has met the stringent requirements of membership. The NARI member has agreed to uphold the association’s strict NARI Code of Ethics and is dedicated to the professionalism and integrity of the remodeling industry.

Experience On Your Side

As of 2016 Attics To Basements has a successful track record of 10 years in business and 18 years of experience in the home remodeling industry.

Why does experience matter?

As the years pass, home building laws and codes change. The more experience you have the more unique challenges you come across.

Unfortunately the first time you come across these challenges, they will add to the cost of the remodel as they were not anticipated and a change order for the miscalculation will be required. As a contractor gains experience they will see these ahead of time an include them in the cost of the remodel, allowing for an accurate budget for for the project without a surprise change order and unrealistic estimates.

You're Covered From Start to Finish

We have assembled a great team, all working towards your goals. We have the best cabinet makers, plumbers, carpenters, tile setters, and countertop tradesmen in the business – You are in good hands as our team knows exactly how to make your home first class!

3 and 4 Season Porches and Remodeling

Creating beautiful and functional spaces

phone: 763.439.2513