Basement Remodeling Idea’s

Basement Remodeling Idea’ s – Making your basement your favorite place

Basement remodeling can include a lot of different options that can make it your favorite place to be in your house. Depending on your budget and your lifestyle we will go over some of the great ideas you could incorporate into your basement remodel.

  • ·        Wet/dry or full bar –  If you like to entertain or are planning to have gatherings in your basement then one of these options is a must for your home. Wet or dry bars can be very simple and budget friendly, it could include a 4’ set of cabinets upper and lowers with a mini fridge. This gives you a place to mix a drink, store your wine, or just grab a can of pop.  The difference from a wet bar and a dry bar is the sink. Champlin Park, MN Basement remodel
  • Full Bar – These are becoming a very popular addition to any basement in Minnesota. The options are endless for a full bar. This makes this area of the basement fun to plan and design.  From a Tuscan style bar to the neighborhood bar feel, or let your imagination run free; we can help make it the focal point of any basement.  
  • ·        Wine cellar –  Many people enjoy a glass of wine or two at dinner or when they have company over visiting. More and more people are installing wine racks to store their wine in their basement.  This can be part of the bar, under the stair case or a full walk in wine room.  Depending on the wine and cost of the wine, we can help you get the right design and if needed/wanted temperature controlled environment for your wine collection.
  • ·        Kids playroom –  If you have kids you know why this is a great thing to have. A place for all the toys, games, and whatever else they leave laying around upstairs for you to step on.  Make an area in your basement for them by using a bedroom for their toys or building a half wall for separation in the family room. Adding a TV, DVD player, Cable and seating can make it a place for them to call their own.  Desks for home work and projects are also something your kids may enjoy.
  • ·        Game room –  The big kid in us comes out to play when we think of game rooms in our basement. Pool tables, dart boards, ping pong tables, poker table, this ends up being a fun area for sure. We can help you design a game room perfect for your favorite game(s) for years of enjoyment.
    Wine Cellar Minneapolis / St Paul, MN
    Wine Cellar – Cherry wine cellar – Maple Grove, MN
  • ·        Movie room – Another thing we have seen trending over the last few years. A room for movies, TV and gaming is a great place to have in your basement. Guys love electronics and here we get to bring in our A/V guy. Getting the perfect system here is very important and you may never go to a movie theater again.  Movie theater seating has become much more affordable the past couple years.
  • ·        Cabin or retreat theme – Maybe you love your cabin or wished you owned one….. We can give you that feel in your basement. Knotty beams in the ceiling or tongue and groove paneling on the walls. Making your basement a retreat or a place in your home as a getaway is something we love working on. 
  • ·        Hot tub/ Sauna room – If done with the proper precautions taken into account, you really can’t beat a hot tub or sauna in your basement.  Nothing relaxes someone like a long soak after a hard day of work.
  • ·        Home office – Need a quiet place to work? Maybe your house wasn’t designed to fit an office on the main levels. This is the perfect place to have one. Depending on how you plan on using it, making it a separate room or part of the family area, we can make sure that all your needs are meet.
  • ·        Home gym – As we learn more and more how important it is to stay in shape and work out, we also need to have somewhere to do this. Making an area in your basement is a great place to make this happen. Again like most of the ideas this can be very simple and convenient or highly customized to fit your desires.
  • Edina, MN Master Bedroom Remodel·        Golf simulator- hey we can all dream of working on our tee shot in the middle of winter. These rooms make your basement your own little golf performance compound. The room isn’t where the money is at, but the equipment and simulator that can add up. If you love to golf give us a call on putting together the perfect place to improve on your golf game all year long.
  • ·        Master bedroom suite- This is very common for older and smaller homes that may not have a very large master bedroom. Here we can make it as large as you want. Giving you the room and the walk in closet you have always wanted.
  • ·        Master bathroom – This goes hand in hand with the master bedroom suite. Large shower, whirlpool tub, double vanity, all these ideas as well as the ideas found on our Bathroom ideas page can be installed into your master bathroom.