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Minneapolis, MN Kitchen Remodel

As popular architectural styles have changed kitchens over the years, so too have the colors that homeowners have put in them. Whether it was a changing trend or developing technology, colors in our homes have brightened, lightened, darkened and everything in between. Turn to your kitchen’s style—or incorporate your favorite style into an existing kitchen—to find the perfect color palette for your home. From the bright colors of the Victorian era to the natural tones of the Arts & Crafts period, explore these kitchen styles by painting kitchens with palettes selected by color experts.



Figuring out how you want your kitchen to look can feel like a daunting task and many people want to have an idea of what their kitchen can loo like before calling out a contractor to work with on designing and building it. Here are a few of the websites we recommend taking a look thru.

  1. Attics to Basements Portfolio
  2. Houzz
  3. Pinterest
  4. Instagram
  5. Google images

Kitchen Remodeling MinnesotaIf you find yourself not able to picture what can be done to your house, save some of the pictures you like or want to see in your home. This helps drive design  and get a better picture of your style and budget for the project.


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