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Handicap Remodeling Bedroom/Bathroom Addition – Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN

We have clients that want their parent(s) and loved ones to be with the family as long as possible. They don’t want to send their loved one(s) to a nursing home or assisted living facility. We help them come up with ways to remodel their existing home to meet the needs for them now and in the future. Sometimes this some simple remodeling and installation of things such as grab bars or taller toilets.

Minneapolis, MN Handicap Bathroom Remodel
Wainscot tile walls prevent wheelchair and walker damage

Moving and caring for your loved one(s) isn’t for everyone. Sometimes the level of care is beyond what you can provide for them. Serious consideration and self assessment should be done before considering moving in someone into your home. Talking this over with family members, their primary.

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Minneapolis, MN Handicap Bathroom Remodel
Hand held shower heads allow you to stay seated and safe while you wash your body – grabs bars to help you stand up or prevent falling

Some of our clients end up needing more then this. We have designed and remodeled kitchens, bathrooms, added additions, ramps, widen hallways, walk in showers, and plenty of other projects to make life easier for your loved one to spend as much time not in a nursing home.

At a cost of $5,000 to $12,000 per month, in 1 year you could have spent $60,000 to $144,000 on just that one year in care. With that money you could have added on to your home, kept them close to you, and raised the value of your home. Our clients see the priceless value of making sure their parent(s) are surrounded by family, not just wheeled over to watch the birds dance around a glass cage.

Handicap Bathroom remodel Minneapolis, MN
Handicap bathrooms take special planning and care to ensure they are not only built to last but customized for the person specific needs

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