Home Addition costs ideas guide.

Home addition costs ideas guide

Home addition costs, ideas and guide

Attics to Basements has helped many of our clients solve their challenge of adding space to their home. These room additions have included bathrooms, master bedroom suites, master bathroom suites, family rooms, kitchen remodels / expanding the kitchen, additional bedrooms, 3 and 4 season porches, sunrooms, and aging in place additions (elderly parent apartments). Please take a look at our home addition services and projects here.

When considering a home addition, it is usually for a couple of reasons:

  • The need for more space – maybe your family room is too small or you need to expand the dining room most people add on because of a need for more room.Caring for a parent(s) – when your mom/dad or both need a watchful eye but don’t want to move into a nursing home, a “mother in law” addition is a perfect thing to add on. Enjoyment – Whether it is a porch, kitchen addition, or other use, adding to the quality of your home is never a bad investment.

So you know why you want/need this extra space, what are some things to consider?

  • Property lines – this can limit what can be done, make sure to find them before starting any plans for your new space. We can help you find them or recommend a surveyor to help you
  • How will the addition look on my house? We use Chief Architect to give 3-D views of the home. It is very important for the addition to look like it was meant to be there.
  • Financing/over building – before spending money on plans, talk with your banker about the loan or financing options available. We have bankers that we can recommend for conventional loans as well as 203k loans. The bank will also help make sure you don’t over build for your area
Home addition costs, ideas and guide
Home Addition costs ideas guide



How much does it cost to add an addition?

We get asked all the time can you give me an idea of what it cost to add on to my house and we wish it was that easy.  With all the different types of homes and all different types of additions you could be thinking of, it isn’t something we can just post to our website. We would love to schedule an appointment with you! With this free consultation, we can start the process of hearing your ideas, listening to what you need and helping you put a plan together to get you exactly what you want.

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Home addition costs, ideas and guide
Home Addition costs ideas guide

Types of additions:

  • Second story additions
  • Full foundation addition
  • Crawlspace additions
  • Two story addition
  • 3 season porch
  • 4 season porch
  • Decks
  • screened porch
  • garage conversions
  • mother in law suites/additions

What does a home addition cost?

We wish it was super easy to say it costs “blank per square foot”. Unfortunately, as in all remodeling projects it is quite that simple. Square foot prices for projects like decks and porches could very well give you a solid basis for what your project could cost, if you are looking at adding a home addition there ends up being so many variables this method doesn’t lead to accuracy for planning a project. Below I will share a few ranges for additions as a guide to what your project may cost. This is just a guide as many of the reasons to why a project costs $$$ is in the details of the specific project.

Home addition costs, ideas and guide
St. Louis Park, MN – One and a half story remodel

Home Addition costs ideas guide

  • Midrange Home addition cost range $55,000-$75,000
  • Midrange Second Story Addition – $105,000-$175,000
  • Midrange 3 or 4 season porch – $35,000-$48,000
  • Midrange screened porch – $18,000-$32,000

We offer free consultation and estimates if you are interested in having a home addition put on your home. Final pricing is given once plans, specs, and selections have been made. The devil is in the details and you shouldn’t ever assume the estimate you received includes selections you haven’t made.

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