Kitchen Design Styles and Idea’s

Kitchen Design Styles and Ideas

Kitchen Remodeling Minnesota

Kitchen designing has become a specialty. Depending on your budget and current layout almost anything can be done to have the kitchen of your dreams. So many of the improvements the last decade in kitchen design is the ability to make every cabinet have a purpose. This helps keep your kitchen clean and organized.

When designing your kitchen, it is a good idea to start with determining your current kitchen layout. Looking at the plus and minuses to your current design will help let you determine if your current layout will be able to fit your needs and wants. This will also help save money if plumbing, heating, and electrical doesn’t need to have whole sale changes made.

Don’t worry if you don’t know what you will need a good kitchen contractor or kitchen designer can help you figure out what you and/or your family need for designing your kitchen remodel. Please visit our blog post on “Tips for a good Home remodel” here.

Most common changes we see in kitchen remodels

  • Removing wall(s) for an open floor plan
  • Removing soffits and installing full height 42’’ upper cabinets
  • Improve lighting – such as task lighting, under cabinet lights, and recessed can lights
  • Tile/stone backsplash with a glass or other border running thru
  • Adding an island with breakfast bar
  • Installing solid surface countertops
  • Customized cabinets for specific storage
  • Appliances – dual ovens, hood vents and microwave built into island.

Below are the different layouts with pictures of different kitchens designs. If you live in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area, please consider us for your kitchen remodel and design.

One-Wall Kitchens

This is exactly as it sounds. This simple kitchen design is typically only found in your basic two story kitchens or in basement bar/ kitchen areas. It is a space saving design, with the modern versions also adding an island to make it more functional. Used to be called the ‘Pullman Kitchen”.

Kitchen Remodel Twin Cities

Galley Kitchen Design –

This kitchen design is seen in more of your smaller homes, it is a very efficient design using two walls on opposite sides for cabinetry and appliances. This is ideal for one-person cooking in the kitchen, if this isn’t your ideal kitchen then additional space within your home or a kitchen addition will be needed to change your design/layout. Removing soffits for full height cabinets and cabinet organization systems are just some of the ideal things to add if using this design for your new kitchen.

Galley kitchen
Turning a small galley kitchen into a U-shaped

L-Shaped Kitchen Design – 

A great design for your small and medium sized kitchens. The cabinet and countertops create an “L”. This design allows for multiple work spaces giving you the option of having more than one person in the kitchen. Depending on walls and layout a kitchen island can be worked into the design of your new kitchen.

Blaine Kitchen Remodel Split Level
L-shaped kitchen with an island

U- shaped or Horseshoe Kitchen Designs –

This design/layout has cabinets and appliances on three walls. Sometimes you will see that one side will not have a wall, creating a peninsula with the cabinets. This allows for a more open layout and usually includes seating for the family. U-Shaped kitchens allow for a good work flow and space for multiple “cooks in the kitchen”.

U - Shaped Kitchen
U – Shaped Kitchen with peninsula

Islands in your Kitchen Design – 

With an island incorporated into your kitchen design, allows you to use that space in traditional and creative ways. This work space can have a kitchen sink, cook top, dishwasher, or be used as prep area. They can have a raised eating are or as commonly called a breakfast bar. We have installed microwaves, custom mixer pull-outs, trash pull-outs and so many other creative ideas to make kitchens more efficient.

An island will transform your L-shaped kitchen into a U-shaped kitchen, or take your one-wall kitchen into a galley style kitchen.

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Kitchen Island Design Ideas

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