Split Level Remodeling Ideas

Split Level Remodeling Ideas

We all have seen them, been in them and maybe own one, that 1960’s, 1970’s and newer split level home. They are a typical “starter” type house but have grown to be more then that for many homeowners and families across the Twin Cities, MN and across Minnesota.

We get asked all the time, ” What can we do to make our home not look like a split level home?’ By adding a front entry addition you can make your home more inviting and it will give you the extra room we all wished our split level entry had when they were built.

Split level home remodeling ideas
Before remodel
Maple Grove Split Level Remodel Exterior
After remodel- Split level Remodel – New front entry, garage, stone windows and siding







Split Level Kitchen Remodeling

The typical split level home built in the 1960’s and 1970’s, closes off the kitchen from the rest of the home. A very popular idea is to remove the walls or make larger openings to the kitchen. We prefer to remove the walls all together but that doesn’t fit everyone’s desires and way of life. Your options are endless when remodeling your split level kitchen from adding islands, hutches, or one of the other unique ideas we will share in a future blog.

Before kitchen Remodel
Before kitchen remodel
Blaine Kitchen Remodel Split Level
After -Split level kitchen remodel – Cambria and Granite accent this great kitchen!









So what about all the other area’s in your split level home. Most of them can be remodeled as any other home. Split level homes have a few major challenges and we highlighted the ones we help our clients with the most. Please feel free to look at our portfolio for other projects. We love making our clients excited to stay in their home and love their newly remodeled home. For another good link for Split level remodels, click here.

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Split level remodeling and ideas was written by David Vinje – owner of Attics to Basements Building and Renovations, Inc. With over 10 years of serving the Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN area.

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