Top Five Home Remodeling Projects – Bang for you Buck!!

Home remodeling projects with the highest return on investments

Kitchen remodel
Minneapolis, MN Kitchen Remodel

1. The Kitchen – Whether it’s a full overhaul or a simple Sprucing up, by putting a fresh face on your kitchen is your best investment. Maximize your dollars, by limiting your project cost to no more than 20 percent of the value of your home. Expect an 85 percent return on your investment.
2. The Bathroom – An outdated bathroom can ruin a sale. Current trends have homeowners installing large showersw/ benches instead of garden tubs. An update could cost less than $22,000, but it should yield an 80 percent return.

Bathroom Remodel - Golden Valley, MN
Bathroom Remodel – Golden Valley, MN

3. Decks – A new deck can cost a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars, depending on size and materials used. Before you build, look at other homes in your area and build accordingly. If the deck is in good shape, your return could be more than 80 percent.
4. Siding – If your Siding is not in good shape, replacing or repairing the siding can bring instant freshness. You’ll likely spend at least $10,000, but you should get at least 80 percent back.Minneapolis Deck Trex
5. Window replacement – The energy efficiency of new windows is a clear the
benefit to switching out older windows, but in some cases, it’s a safety feature, also. People love new windows when buying a home. Costs depend on the number of windows you’re replacing, of course, and the type. Expect a return on your investment of at least 70 percent.

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