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Minneapolis/St Paul, MN Kitchen Remodeling Trends

Minneapolis / St. apul Kitchen Remodeling Trends

These are the top trends we have seen this year and continue to see when working with our clients on their kitchen design. A lot of these trends carry over to other rooms of their homes, such as a bathroom remodel. The Twin Cities area seems to always be on the fore front of design and style for the Midwest region’s taste’s. We are happy to share with you these trend’s and maybe you will decide to incorporate them into your home remodeling project or new house build.These trends are trends among our clients and projects are fellow contractors have been doing for our clients. Your home needs to fit your needs, style and budget. This is the most important piece of any remodeling project.

Please Consider Attics to Basements if you are planning a Home Remodeling project in the Twin Cities, MN
1. Hi-Tech spaces – More and more of our clients are looking for ways to stay connected and/or plug in their devices such as iphone’s, tablets and other mobile devices. Most of the time they want them to be hidden and tucked away. They are sick and tired of looking at all the cords and mobile devices all over the countertop. Creating a drawer with usb connections is one of the many ways your kitchen can be designed to have less clutter.

Plymouth, MN Kitchen Remodel
Plymouth, MN Kitchen Remodel

2. State of the art appliances – Appliances have come a long way in the last decade, they are smarter, more energy efficient and specialized for your cooking. Tailoring your next kitchen to your style is more important than ever, with how busy life gets, making your kitchen easier to use will save you time and allow you to make healthier meals. Check out Warner’s Stallion for a great selection of appliance’s in the Twin Cities Area.
3. Colors –Bold dark colors are being replaced with softer muted paint colors. Charcoals, tinted whites, and neutral colors highlight this more muted palette of colors we are seeing in kitchens, bathrooms, and throughout the home.
4. Metal Finishes– Metal range hoods instead of wood range hoods, stainless steel sinks, accenting cabinets with cabinet pulls and knobs. This will draw your eye with the neutral colors in your home.
5. Combining function and entertainment – Using the common living areas so they seamlessly blend into the next space. Kitchens, dining rooms, and living rooms that become part of each other. Clients want to be able to cook dinner but also be involved with the family in the other room. Making the home open and blend together allows families to do a few things at once.

Plymouth, Mn kitchen Remodel
Smart Outlet and under cabinet lighting

6. Classic styles – traditional and classic kitchen styles will always be in, they will just have a cleaner and updated look. Some designs are just dated but work perfectly for the function of say your kitchen.
7. Accent walls – The last year or two has seen this phase out of popularity. No more are you seeing a bold red wall or that dark green accent wall.

8. Old is New – Repurposing or bringing a 50’s style with a twist is in. Instagram and Pinterest has brought out the creative style’s all around the country. It has become a lot easier to find that unique look you want in your kitchen.
9. LED Lighting – We all hate the fluorescent light bulbs, so we are thankful LED lighting has dropped in cost. LED lighting can be used everywhere in your kitchen. Under cabinet lighting, Task lighting, strip lighting, and recessed cans gives you awesome light and won’t break the bank.
10. Islands – Furniture style islands with a different wood stain or type is in. Spending a little more to make it the center piece and hub of your kitchen is important to our clients. Since it is usual is in the center of the room, we want it to speak to everyone that comes and visits.