Types of sinks or lavs for a bathroom

Types of Lavs/sinks and how they are installed

  • Main bathroom remodel update - Becker, MN
    Corian Countertop with under mount sink

    Integral lavs – Are one piece built in with the countertop, molded from cast polymers. They can be stock or custom ordered.

  • Drop In – Must be fit into a countertop with the countertop being cut and mounted from either top or below.

  • Wall hung– these lavs/sinks are attached to the wall with a metal bracket this requires additional support being added to the framing prior to drywall

  • Pedestal lavs/sinks – these come in two pieces and are free standing sinks on a pedestal.

  • Console – consist ofa counter with an integral bowl supported by 2 or 4 legs