What is a Noble Niche?

What is a noble niche? When remodeling your bathroom and maybe more specifically your shower, using a noble niche is an excellent way to store your shampoo and soaps. So what is it? They are a preformed, waterproof shelf that fits inside the wall of your shower. It is then tiled to match and blend in with your shower wall tile. We highly recommend this in all of our bathroom remodels! They can be found at almost all of your tile specialty stores such as the Tile Shop, Tile Works and many others around Minnesota.  

Below is what the typical noble niche looks like before installation

noble niche before tile









Noble Niche’s can be a focal point in the your  shower or they can blend into the back ground.

They come in a variety of sizes , above is one example

noble niche - Maple Grove, MN


noble niche - Plymouth, MN

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