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Small Kitchen Ideas – Kitchen remodeling

Small kitchen remodel ideas - remodeling that cramped and dark kitchen

Making small kitchen's work for you!

Small Kitchen Ideas – Kitchen Remodeling What can we do with our small kitchen? Small Kitchens create a variety of issues for homeowners. Most of them revolve around the space feeling cramped, small and dark. Older homes can be a bit more challenging to remodel. Make sure to check out our remodeling guide for your ... Read More
Small Kitchen design ideas- St. Louis Park, Minneapolis, St. Paul

Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas - Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN

designing & remodeling small kitchens for over 10 years.

It is difficult to overcome the feeling of not having enough space in a small kitchen. The recommended (NKBA) using unique storage solutions, mixing natural and ambient lighting, and carefully selecting your equipment. If you can learn about how you use the right design ideas to create a more spacious area around the small kitchen ... Read More