Cambria – What are the advantages to using it in my home?

Cambria is a solid surface countertop that has been around since 2000. This Minnesota based company, has an incredible track record for making an excellent countertop. So, what are the advantages to using it in your home. Please check out our Kitchen remodeling page. More Durable than Granite – Beauty endures with Cambria. Cambria surfaces […]

Kitchen Remodel Plymouth, MN

Kitchen remodel – Plymouth, MN Our clients wanted to update their aging kitchen and sagging cabinets. They didn’t want to replace their tile floor but wanted to change cabinets and make some adjustments to the layout. The challenge was they only had five tiles left to patch in, for the changes. With some careful planning […]

Different types of countertop for your kitchen or bathroom

Granite Countertops Nothing beats the natural beauty and uniqueness that granite offers. By far the most popular countertop in the country. The options are endless as each piece is unique and depending on the location it is from can be absolutely stunning. Granite does need to be sealed as it is porous. This product can […]